The Heart of the Labyrinth

There is a story passed down from generation to generation, about two jealous gods who waged war. The god who was defeated was locked forever in an inescapable prison, forced to watch as his people were systematically annihilated generation after generation. This sentient prison is known as the Labyrinth, a constantly changing and evolving system of corridors, filled with mindless horrors summoned out of its depths.

There is also a story though, a prophecy foretelling a group of heroes who will have the courage and the abilities required to journey into the heart of the Labyrinth, where they will release the Old God, restoring his power and enabling him to destroy the Labyrinth.

Perhaps you are one of the heroes from the prophecy...


This is a demo for the complete game, which will focus on multiplayer dungeon crawling with bosses and loot. Eventually you will be able to fight your way to the Heart, where you will find your enslaved God, and attempt to rescue him.

The multiplayer will be released as the next major patch, as well as several levels made available for completing. The final patch will be the full story mode, as well as a quick play mode where you fight wave after wave of enemies, the longest standing group will be awarded.

I appreciate you taking the time to check it out, and I would really appreciate any questions and comments you have, be it bugs or even just advice or opinions.

This is my first crack at making a game, so you will not hurt my feelings at all, in fact I would appreciate your honest opinions.

Comments and encouragement are greatly appreciated, and they help motivate me to get back to work whenever I am feeling lazy.


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I really like the look and feel of the game, the ingame menus are neat. Got killed by the second mob in the corridor. I found that the fights are a bit slow, but maybe because it will be a multiplayer game ? 

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

Yeah the first few mobs are really slow, just because you only have a couple abilities. Once you learn a few more it goes much faster, and you can even take on a few mobs solo.